Toronto Canada

"Since I asked Selma to help guide me with problems in my life that I couldn't pass or move on from, I have noticed a significant change in my confidence and general thought patterns. She comes across as a warm, caring and insightful person, and she is! One of the best moves I have made is going to Selma for guidance."

Vaughan Canada

"I came to Salma to try Theta Healing without knowing much about it. I
had been experiencing a relationship difficulty for several years that
was beginning to create serious issues in my marriage. Being open to
alternative healing, I wanted to give it a try.

Salma made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I immediately felt at
peace and the session itself was very relaxing. No more than a few
minutes after the session began, Salma told me what she was sensing
and what my issue was in specific detail - I hadn't even told her why
I was there!

After the session I noticed a shift within 1-2 weeks. After dealing
with an issue for several years that almost ended my marriage, it was
gone! Today, my relationship is noticeably different. I had tried
psychotherapy on several occasions to rectify the problem with no
results and just one session with Salma got to the root of the issue
and removed it.

Being so impressed I also asked Salma to give healing to my family dog
who was suffering from a reoccurring paw infection. Countless visits
to the vet, creams, lotions and medications did nothing for over 6
months. I was becoming frustrated and anxious about it. Salma did a
distance healing one time and within a few days, my dogs paw infection
was gone. Even the vet couldn't believe that it cleared up so quickly.
It hasn't returned since.

I admit that I can be a skeptic sometimes even though I'm open to
natural healing, but the results I saw after working with Salma were
profound. I highly recommend her as a practitioner. She is positive,
kind and genuinely committed to assisting others to find healing

Vaughan Canada

 "My first session with Salma was my first experience with Theta Healing. Salma made me feel comfortable and fully explained what the process would be. The results from my session began to manifest less than one week later. The healing session opened up a path for me that has changed my life forever. I highly recommend Salma and her work to anyone who is ready to create real change in their lives for the greater good!"

Mumbai India

"I was at one of my lowest ebbs when I met Salma again. Although we knew each other for a long while we had not really spoken for a couple of years.When she did a healing for me it was a revelation. She told me so many things that were in me – that no one really knew… she made me think.. she dug deep and made me change the language of my thoughts. I felt so much better, lighter …and most importantly rid myself of the piles / fissure problem I battled with for the last 2 years. It has never recurred. Thank you!"

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