Make the Connection……


Make the Connection….

All our lives we are encouraged to think and use our minds effectively. We are in undated with information and we unwittingly put our mind into full throttle. We are so clogged with thinking that we have inhibited ourselves from being intuitive. Somewhere, along the way, we have lost connection with our inner being.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not discrediting thinking! Thinking is there for practical reasons! However if your mind is taking over you and you have become a slave to your thinking then there is definitely a problem.

Identifying oneself with…

Small shifts towards self awareness!

Small shifts towards self awareness!

It is interesting that often we get so engrossed in our lives that we forget ourselves! The routine of work, kids, groceries etc becomes such an all-encompassing task that we become almost robotic.

Juggling and tackling the myriads of things that constitutes our lives is certainly a full time job. Sometimes everything is so overwhelming and you just don’t know how to handle it. Suddenly life becomes about surviving; completing one task after another.

There is no time to enjoy with family and friends, nature and ourselves! There is so much…

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