Salma Ghuznavi, MBA, Trainer, Healer, Life Enricher and founder of The Magnificent Me! She has helped several clients globally to overcome their emotional and health challenges and live a fuller and healthier life.


She herself has struggled with a feeling of isolation and inferiority complex for a very long time.However instead of resigning to fate, she decided she would do all it takes to rise and shine. She attended several self help courses and read extensively. She spent many hours, days, months and years in search of her truth. It took her several decades to find her peace and her journey has taken her through insecurities, low self-esteem, fear and loneliness. She has dealt with these using anger, rebellion and finally introspection. The answer – when she found it – was ridiculously simple. So simple in fact, that her mind kept throwing up doubts and fears in her path. However, as she persevered, the obstacles melted and she found her purpose.

She sees so many of her clients having similar struggle, fear and lack of self worth. However having “been there” she very clearly notices the self limiting patterns. She works with clients to understand the root cause of the challenge and how this is manifesting in their lives. She uses an extremely powerful technique called Theta Healing® to clear low lying feelings, emotions and beliefs at the cellular level to bring about profound changes in your life.

She has extensive experience in counselling, training and healing. She is a certified Theta Healer and Soul Realignment practitioner and practices out of Toronto, Ontario.

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